Nothing Matters or Does It? by M L Wood

Nothing matters, i believe this is probably about as close to a fact as you can get. Yet, you probably disagree with me, or if you are sensitive saying this has made you uncomfortable, or maybe you’re a sociopath and you truly believe none of your actions matter. Either way, that’s okay. Let me explain myself!


Firstly though, does anything matter? Ask yourself this question.

If i ask myself the same question, i would say yes! I think it matters if my dog dies, or my favourite show gets cancelled or i stub my toe. All of this matters to me, but guess what? None of this matters to the guy who lives 3 blocks away that has never met me, none of this will even matter to my great great grandchildren. Lets, go a little more savage here. Does it matter if a tsunami wipes out millions of people? This is tough question to answer. Does it matter today, that this would have happened through out our species history 100s of times? Most would say it doesn’t matter, some would say yes it does. So, i suppose we will have to dive a little deeper into the idea.

Now, as a little thought experiment. Imagine you want to eat cake and masturbate all day, in this situation porn and cake probably matter to you. But your health and finding a compatible sexual partner probably aren’t big priorities, two potentially better alternatives to the first habits. This is a simple example of making things matter when you probably shouldn’t, or falling into the traps of modern society and believing the common narrative “Who cares man, nothing matters anyway, we are all gonna die.” we see thrown around. There is another way of viewing the universe and living your life, i am sure of this, ultimately by choosing to pick the right things that matter to you.

I have also noticed an emerging trend among younger people that nihilism is on the rise. This seems to generally be associated with the upward trajectory of anxiety & depression statistics. This has lead me to spend a lot of time reading, researching and trying to figure out my own thoughts on this existence and tempering it all against my own nihilistic thoughts over the years.

What have i found after reading countless hours of philosophy, scientific literature and having endless amounts of discussion with like minded individuals?

Well my friends, i would say i have found the one truth to be, what matters is exactly what you want to matter. I believe it is as simple as that. We need to focus on what we want to matter, to better ourselves and the society around us. In a world where fame and consumer culture is not only encouraged but celebrated, where the traditional religious moral truths and traditions are being left in the dust for new ways of living, we need to figure out our own moral compass, purpose and belief in what “matters”.

This may be hard i know, our society is constructed nowadays so we can live in perfect comfort in our air conditioned homes, with Ubereats at our finger tips delivered straight to our doors and never ending stimulus in the palm of our hands. What was once of value is no longer of value, what we once thought the world looked like, access to information has blurred and re-calibrated. That’s all okay, we can take a breathe and you got it. Figure out what matters. If one things for sure, i think you matter, i matter and all of our actions matter in this life. But that’s just me.

I am looking forward to not having to write “matter” again anytime soon..

Anyway. So, does anything matter? Yeah, i’d say so, but others may disagree. Does this little write up matter to you? probably not, let me know if it did, or if it didn’t, i don’t mind and i hope you are smiling wherever you are.


Thanks for reading. Bon voyage for now! 🙂






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