Joe Rogan and The Global Awakening

Two days ago i sat in a sauna here in Melbourne, Australia. In this particular sauna there were two other men sitting along side me. Each of us was of differing age groups. One was, i would have guessed, in his early 50s, the other i know is in his mid 30s and i am 26.

Sweet, i thought to myself as i sat down. I like conversing with older people (or generally all people) and hearing what they have to say about life and the current issues we are facing as an ever increasing global society. I enjoy trying to siphon out any little nuggets of wisdom i can.

Now, the guy in his mid 30s, whom i have chatted with a number of times, was born and raised in India, the older bloke in his 50s (i think) was born and raised in New Zealand and i was raised in country Australia.

The three of us, all from different cultural upbringings and all of differing age groups, ended up having a wonderful thought provoking conversation. All of which stemmed from an interest in the Joe Rogan Podcast. The three of us happened to have been avid consumers of Joe’s content, which in turn meant that we had all been exposed to a diverse amount of information and ideas. Yay, go us.

We chatted about psychedelics (of course, thanks Joe), ancient civilizations (Hancock fan boys), a few conspiracies (Bravo and Alex Jones) and some pretty deep cultural and societal issues. All in the space of a 20 odd minute sauna session.


This got me thinking. The amount of access we have to information today is incredible. Both for good and bad. It had me thinking about the importance of Joe as a pioneer and leader of the new age of distribution of information. An era where there is no agendas (well sorta), no producers, no filtering of opinions because people are afraid of being fired and the ability to put out your truth to the universe. This all leads to an open and potentially interesting dialogue and a more truthful, open and courageous dialogue. This is what we need as a society, to continue to promote progress we need to discuss confronting, tough issues openly and truthfully with love.

Now, of course Joe has his own opinions, as do his guests, but this bias is much more digestible than the trash we are fed via the mainstream avenues. I am glad that i am meeting more and more people who agree. Woohoo!

An awakening – a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something:

This is what is happening, more and more people are becoming open to ideas and concepts previously thought of as taboo or unacceptable (perhaps like 3 straight blokes connecting and showing love to one another in our jocks whilst sweating profusely). More people are paying attention to the little guys who previously didn’t have a voice, more people and getting behind others & causes that wouldn’t have previously had a platform to tell their story and share their medicine to the world. I love this, it makes me excited and optimistic to be apart of the information era. This is what the world needs more of and less censoring, less control, more love.


The woke movement is not new and can unfortunately be overdone. We all know someone who walks around as if they have been touched by god and knows the ultimate truth, i could even be guilty of this at times. But, i know the trade off is worth it. Love is good and love is spreading and on the rise, i feel it everywhere i go.

Anyway, thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. You’re a wonderful being and i hope you enjoyed this little taste of some thoughts that were bubbling up in my brain. Let’s all keep spreading the love, knowledge and our medicine to the world.

Until next time, Mitch ❤



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