My Fitness Journey Day 1

Hello! and welcome to The Growth Philosophy and this is the start of my fitness journey.

First of all, the title of this post is a little misleading. In the sense that i have been on a fitness journey for most of my life, as many of us are, but today is the day i start sharing it with the world and holding myself accountable. I am officially committing to a 90 day challenge.

That doesn’t mean after the 90 days i am going to let myself go. No, merely that i am going to push myself as hard as i can for the next 90 days, see how my mind, body and soul feels and how my body aesthetically translates. I am going to be uploading physique updates, my workout routines and a bunch of general insights into how i am feeling.

A quick background story about my journey to date. I am 26 years of age and i grew up very active and athletic playing many hours of soccer a week, riding bikes everywhere, going to the beach ect from the age of around 5 years till i was 19.

Throughout these years i maintained a lean, i would say, skinny physique. Seemingly healthy and fit. However, when i stopped playing a stupid amount of soccer, moved to the city and was working full-time, i gained around 20-25kgs (55pounds). I had no knowledge of nutrition and essentially ate more and moved less. This had me weighing at my biggest 103kgs at 187cm (almost 6’2) with little to no muscle. I was more or less fat and overweight. So, i did something about it. I joined a gym, put on some muscle and lost a bunch of fat and got myself to around 90kg (198pounds). This was around 2015/16. I have basically hovered around this weight for several years. Not overweight, a little bit of muscle, but certainly not lean and in good shape.

So, here we are today Sunday 24/11/2019 weighing in at 89.7kgs (197pounds). This is currently how i am shaping up. (Excuse the mustache it is Movember)




My motivation is this. Growth. I believe if we all strive to grow as human beings, physically, emotionally and spiritually, the world will be a better place. Plus, the below resonates with me. I do not wish to grow old without seeing the best version of myself looking back in the mirror.

Image result for socrates on fitness

Plus, if me putting myself out there and documenting my journey helps anyone else to motivate themselves to change themselves for the better, fantastic. Being of service to others is beautiful.

I will be doing 3 full body workout routines Monday, Wednesday and Friday on a rotating A B A, B A B program. I will be doing at least 3 cardio sessions a week. Bare minimum, to start. I intend to add whatever else i can into my week, but for now that is the minimum i’m committing to. I will elaborate fully in the coming updates (Strava and my gym apps).

I am not sure how often i will post updates, at least weekly. Maybe more often. I do not know, but i intend to log photos and do weigh in updates once a week. I am nervous, but excited about the journey ahead.

Please feel free to share, comment and like if you want 🙂

Anyway, it’s time to grow! Until next time.

Mitch ❤



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