My Dear Jessica

How do I best communicate my love for you my dear Jessica?

I have not the words, I cannot think of the deed. What a perilously wonderful experience. To feel you in my soul when I am not with you. To want to share my every cell with yours till the end of time. The depth of me is yours for exploring and mine to give to you, always.

The sound of your voice creates a chest bursting pang, a warmth that I hope to know forever. Your touch, your smell, the fire within me is not a flame but an inferno.

My love, you are the ultimate gift, the universes way of laughing in my face and smiling upon me. My beautiful blessing and passion filled curse. For how can I ever live up to what you deserve? A worthy curse, for a man is but what he is willing to bare.

Feeling, feeling, what is love but a feeling? No, it is more. It is how I feel about you my Jessica.

❤ Mitch


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