Waves – Art a form of Self Expression.

“We humans are like waves, imperfect perfection. Rising and failing. Before returning from where we came. “

M L Wood

I penned these words some time ago, as I was sitting on a beach watching the waves crash before me. The beauty and power of the ocean is both terrifying and majestic, akin I would say to the human experience. These words came back to me this morning as I was painting with my beautiful fiancee and the below came out of me. I aptly called this painting “Waves”.


Art is a form of self-expression, not everyone will feel anything when viewing yours or “get” your art. Yet I believe there is an “artist” in all of us waiting to burst out into the world and share their truth, their medicine. Whether it be poetry, story writing, music or painting, whatever comes out of you, we all have a passion and love within us that is meant to come out. So, give something a go sometime, grab a pen and paper, or a blank canvas and let something come out of you. See how you feel. What do you have to lose?

The above painting is the second time I’ve ever attempted painting and I feel vulnerable sharing it. I do not profess to be an amazing artist, yet there is beauty in vulnerability and being your authentic self. So, there you go.

I hope you all had an amazing start to the new year and feel the love. Please feel free to comment on whether you like this piece, share, like, follow 🙂

Until next time.

Mitch ❤


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