My Fitness Journey – Day 42

Hello and welcome to my latest fitness update! Day 42 of 90 and time is really flying by.

This week overlapped with New Years and again, made for a difficult time getting the training in around all the festivities. I managed to get two work outs in and a few runs. Clocking the body over. Next week i am back to work and routine, this will allow for more structured training.

Below is this weeks training – Below is the workout i did both on Monday and Friday – didn’t push myself too hard, but felt good during my sessions. Back was noticeably fatigued after both work outs, 68kg on the seated row is fairly heavy for me. As i have been nursing a very minor pec injury this week was good to recuperate and go hard again next week.

Looking forward to getting 3 big sessions this week in after a couple of maintenance weeks over Christmas, my birthday and new years.

Below is a physique update.

Front 5.1.20

5.1.20 front

Back 5.1.20

5.1.20 back

Side 5.1.20

5.1.20 side

Physique seems to have gotten through the festive period relatively well, still feeling strong. Going to really increase my cardio game and slightly alter my training in the coming weeks to try and lose some body fat.


Here is a breakdown of my last week via my Garmin fitness tracking watch. Managed a 5km and then just a 1km run this week. Calories burnt overall per day i want to get up to 3000 a day, so i can still eat a decent amount and hopefully be in a deficit.

No more of this for awhile!!!


This was disgustingly delicious a few days ago!

I hope you enjoyed this little update and continue to follow my progress 🙂

Feel free to comment any questions you may have.

Until next time.

Mitch ❤




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