What Are Dreams? They May Be More Real Than You Think.

The world was dark. That was until the man opened his eyes. He opens his eyes and feels the world around him before anything else. What are these colors?  he thinks to himself. He moves to get up, or tries to, before looking down. His eyes finally catch up with the rest of his senses. The man stares down in awe. What.. what is going on? He panics and thrashes out wildly. His wings start to splay out from his sides. He stops thrashing around suddenly. A bird? Can I fly? Well, of course I can. I am a bird. He smiles his best wedged tailed eagle smile before flapping his great feathered wings and took off up toward the sun. Wow! This is amazing, I can’t believe I am flying. The man experiences the biggest rush of joy and adrenaline he has ever felt, it fills his heart with pure bliss. He continues to fly and fly and feel these beautiful feelings for what seems several hours.

Then his alarm goes off.

Was this man’s experience real?

Most of us would say no, it was merely a dream. Yet, he experienced flying in his dream. The emotion, the joy which are real things. So, what is so different from a real-life event? A dream can leave a memory just as a real event can. A dream when you are in the dream feels as real as me sitting here typing these words, so what is the difference?

Think about this for a second, our reality isn’t even really reality, its our brains translation of the data its presented after things have already happened. We perceive the world always via a delay.

We also have a thing called Sensory Gating, it is basically the neurological processes of filtering out redundant or unnecessary stimuli in brain from all possible environmental stimuli. So, in other words, you brain picks and chooses its reality and filters out the rest.

Dreams are fascinating and who knows, maybe even another dimension that we are accessing. I certainly don’t know. But it is fun to ponder none the less. What do you think about dreams? Just a bizarre hallucination? Or the same as real events?

One thing that my interest in this topic has revealed to me is how little our species knows about consciousness, which is both terrifying and exciting. I personally can’t wait to find out more about my own. I hope you are too. I hope you know you’re loved, whoever you are and enjoyed reading this little thought explosion.


Until next time.

Mitch ❤

One response to “What Are Dreams? They May Be More Real Than You Think.”

  1. Good visual of flying. Exciting.


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