Can We Create a World of Better Thinkers?

I am interested in gaining knowledge, and then through this knowledge insight and wisdom. I know i don’t know much, even what i think i do know i am not fully sure i know. A nice word salad for you. So, I’ve been thinking about thinking. 

The best methodology of thinking, in my opinion, is to ask yourself as many questions for and against any position you may have, and then hold that belief lightly or discard it. When I say hold it lightly, I mean one must be willing to disregard one’s opinions or beliefs in the face of new insight or information otherwise be condemned to the life of an ideologue. Hold the belief softly and be willing to change, to learn and grow. This way we do not get too attached to our ideas and constructs, we can feel more emotionally free and dynamic. Skills very under utilised in our new modern world.

What I have described above is not my original philosophy, no, this way of thinking is based on The Socratic Method. Thank you Socrates. Worth doing some research into the method if it is of any interest. 

We think somewhere around 50,000 thoughts a day. To me, this means we should probably take some notice and cultivate ways of thinking that benefit us, or if nothing else, contribute to the least amount of self suffering. Yet, it seems to me that it’s not common. That it is almost seen as a hassle or for “deep” people to even entertain the idea that as a society we could think better. I believe we can cultivate superior ways of conversing with ourselves and formulating the world around us, through the world within us. 

Thinking is one thing, applying one’s insight and wisdom into your day to day life is another. Taking positive action in our lives is one of the pillars of a fulfilled happy life. If we are plagued by poor decision making, or thoughts that create beliefs, are just flying around unbidden around our mind we are setting ourselves up for failure. We are not our thoughts, we don’t even create most of them. What we are is the sum of our deeds, our actions in this life and i for one am of the belief that better thinking equates to a better world. 

❤ Mitch

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