Anxiety and Snarling Vipers

To me, I think of my anxiety as a bunch of snarling vipers. Tongues out, spitting venom, ready to strike at any threat that comes my way. Unfortunately, most of the time there are no true threats, only ones that my little viper friends perceive as threatening. In-turn, I have found that they often turn on themselves, gnawing and snapping at their brethren. In a vain effort to protect me, they at the same time poison and harm their master. Manifesting disease and pain amongst the exact mechanisms that were designed to help me through life. 

I have come to believe that exposure is the way forward. That wilfully putting myself through struggle and calculated forms of stress, so that my little vipers can snap and put their energy into something other than themselves will help. If not, then I would have, if nothing else, gained further insight and in-turn, become stronger.

Loving the process is part of life, and I am very much in love with learning about myself, the world around me and human beings. I look forward to new challenges, so let’s see how my little vipers grow.

❤ Mitch

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