Karma For The Modern Man – Reciprocity

It’s axiomatic to say that Karma is real.

First of all, in order to back up this claim, we must look at what the word Karma means.

The word Karma, is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to “action,” and is a core concept in two of the worlds most popular religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. Karma in the western world is quite regularly used with great casualness, and directly linked to peoples perceptions of cause and effect, rebirth and reincarnation. I’m sure we have all thrown around the adage ‘That’s Karma’ when something bad happens to someone after they themselves have done something less than admirable. Yet, Karma is much more than that and I believe, able to be applied to even the most secular of modern humans.

Karma is also a spiritual-religious concept based on 12 rules. See the below for a basic overview.

1. The Great LawYour actions and thoughts have consequences.
2. The Law of CreationYou can only change your life by taking action. 
3. The Law of HumilityYou have to accept things in order to change them. 
4. The Law of GrowthYou need to change yourself before you can change your environment. 
5. The Law of ResponsibilityTake responsibility for the things that you have created, good and bad.
6. The Law of ConnectionPast, present, and future are connected closely.
7. The Law of FocusFocus completely on the task at hand in order to accomplish it in the best possible way.
8. The Law of Giving and HospitalityYour behavior should match your thoughts and actions.
9. The Law of Here and NowYou can’t be present when you look back.
10. The Law of ChangeThe past repeats itself until you learn from it and take a new direction.
11. The Law of Patience and RewardLong-term rewards require patience and constant work.
12. The Law of Significance and InspirationThe reward is the result of the energy and love you have invested in something.

Now, what do i mean when i say it is axiomatic that Karma is real? I believe that karma is clearly self evident in everything we do. Think bout the basic concept of reciprocity. All relationships work along this simple rubric. We expect that the other person will put in, more or less, about the same amount of energy or effort that we do. If this not the case, the relationship is often not worth continuing or will be a lot harder to maintain. Reciprocity is a prerequisite for a healthy, functioning relationship of any kind, even one with yourself.

We are constantly negotiating with ourselves, do i really want to go to the gym? Should I really buy this packet of crisps? Are there any consequences if i spend this money on this thing i don’t need?

The answer to all of these questions is subjective, based on the reciprocal risk – reward scenario going on inside of us. The reward for the gym is a healthy body and mind, this will be rewarded downstream of taking this action. The bingeing on fat, processed foods, if not properly balanced, will have negative medium to long term consequences. This is self evident and we need to create a reciprocal, give and take, relationship with ourselves in order to live a happy, balanced life.

We all know how it feels if we are off centre, as if our actions are not matching up with our core belief systems and ethics. This is what could be referred to as Karma, or more practically I am arguing, embodying a lifestyle where reciprocity is at the forefront of our minds. This is not to say we should not practice altruism, not at all. That would be part of the inner balance within each individual. If you’re a millionaire and you fancy an exotic expensive Holiday, perhaps you would be feel more at peace if you donated a similar amount to a worthy charity? This would be your version of practising a reciprocal relationship with yourself and your community. Or even better, if you just enjoy spending your money on helping others in need, go for it, you’ll only be in the positive in this case.

These thought experiments are merely an attempt at integrating some sort of moral system into the modern secular humans life and by no means meant to discourage anyone who finds pleasure or peace in their version of karma.

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Until next time – Mitch ❤


2 responses to “Karma For The Modern Man – Reciprocity”

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head!


    1. Thanks brother 😀 appreciate the kind words


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