Limiting Beliefs

What does it mean to be human? To believe in ideas that can change the society around us, or concepts not yet conceived? To take something from inside our imagination and bring it out into the material world? We all have internal systems through which we interact with the world, built from beliefs and in-turn our belief systems. Most of us just don’t know it.

Perhaps you believe being nice to others is the best system, or maybe you’re more of a “get out of my way” type, who think’s its better to force their way to the top no matter what – you could be the apathetic type, who doesn’t believe anything matters. No matter which version you are, you’re embodying and operating through a certain belief system. Most, i would argue, are coming from a place of limiting beliefs.

We all have them, those little voices inside our head that shout out that we aren’t good enough, or who are we to be offering advice to others. Most of these voices are liars. Some have their places, of course. We need some sort of corrective measures in place, built into us so we don’t believe we can jump off of cliffs and fly, or run head first toward a tiger in a “belief charged” rage. Anxiety does this very efficiently, unfortunately most of the time, too efficiently and it stops a ton of us from truly ‘living’.

Could you become rich? Well, if you have internet access and the motivation of course, others have, so surely you could too given the right luck, education and intention. Could you run a marathon? Again, everyday people do this – everyday. What about climb a mountain? Assuming you’re able bodied enough and with the right training, sure. Why not, if you wanted to, whats stopping you? Your limiting beliefs.

You may not be able to do or achieve these things in a day, a month, or perhaps it may even take years, but you certainly could achieve them. What stops most people is this ancient little internal dominatrix that whips us back into place whenever we step out of line. I have had my own experiences with limiting beliefs, still do and the only way i can see to improve the way we view the world is – through. To work through them, to figure out whats true and what isn’t, and if the need or want is great enough, we will find a way. I am not referring to some sort of narcissistic “I can do anything, i am the best” type of belief cultivation, more of a “get out of our own way” lens through which we view the world. Try it, next time you think you cant do something, or check out before you enter the arena. Ask yourself, is this true? or are you just convincing yourself it is?

Take a moment to ponder what you could do with your life, all the experiences you could have, if you just got out of your way a little more. Perhaps you would dance more, or play with your family and friends without fear of judgement or maybe you would get the body of your dreams, who knows. It is all dependant on our individual wants and needs.

I truly believe the world would be a better, more loving place if we were all that little bit more confident, fulfilled and moving toward the best version of ourselves and the life we want to live. As always, if you have any comments, you like this post or you’re a human being. Please share this with all your friends and subscribe below.

❤ M L Wood


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