What is Love?

What is love?

Is it the emotion that arises as you watch the waves crash onto the soft white sand, smiling to yourself, as the wind sifts through your hair? Maybe its the warm feeling you get when a dog excitedly reacts to you rubbing his chin? Most, I’d guess, would say it’s the emotional reaction you have inside, when you embrace a family member after not seeing them for a while, or how you feel as you look down at your child.

None of these are wrong. All of them are an awareness that arises in consciousness, a feeling that we label “love”, and for each individual it is the subjective experience associated with the word. I love this – pardon the pun. I love all of the multitude of experiences that have the power to illicit such an emotion. I’ve been lost in awe at the complexity of a piece of architecture or the colour of a flower as the sun glistens off the petals. I’m sure you’ve had your own version of similar experiences. There is love to be found in the simplest of things.

Now, what I am interested in, what really gets my juices flowing, is exploring different concepts and ideas. One of them being – the idea that love is more than just chemical reactions combined with physical sensations in the body. The premise that love is a universal energy that pervades the entire cosmos, and that we tap into this energy source when we are in those moments of bliss, is exciting to me.

This is a common theme in spiritual teachings. The entire concept of nirvana (not the band) is, in my interpretation, based on tapping into the ever present stream of loving energy. Is it possible to be so in-love with every tiny, minuscule part of this human experience? Can we find a way to funnel in that loving energy more often so you can have a better life? I am not sure, but I sure as hell would invite the prospect of experiencing this type of blissful love more often. One tool that I firmly believe is a kind of conduit for harnessing this energy wont surprise you, but I’ll put it forward regardless – meditation.

Offering up my own personal anecdote. I have experienced this heightened sense of love and well-being in my own meditation practice. A feeling of pure elation, as if just the contents of my own mind are enough – good thoughts, bad thoughts, whatever appears. In these moments all the sensations around me merge into the stream, the flow of awareness. It’s only in small snippets, always fleeting, a mere glimpse into the joint cosmic web of love that we are all entangled within. It feels to me as if the “I” has gone to sleep and the guard dog is no longer stopping the love from funnelling in. It is truly beautiful and, through my meditation training, I hope to help others experience it for themselves. This could all be nonsense. Maybe it’s merely brain chemistry firing in a pleasant way, I am not to know. It’s possible. I choose to believe otherwise and even if it is, it’s only benefiting people to bring more of this type of love into their lives. There are many studies that back up this anecdote of mine, I will link some below for your perusal.

Life is mostly a mystery. As individuals we know very little of all the possible information there is to know. So, I believe that faith is another tool that is under utilised in the modern world. I’m not talking about religion, although the best practitioners within religious circles will preach the benefits of faith. I am referring to choosing to believe in something that will be of benefit to yourself, your society and to those around you, regardless of material “facts”. Faith is one of the core tenants of a happy, fulfilled life. I mean – without it, whats the point of anything? You have to have faith in others, the world around you, and that the future will be worth moving towards. Layering on top of that, one can choose to have faith in an invisible field of loving energy and tap into that when they open their mind, their heart, and their soul to the process. We could all do with a little more love in our lives.

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Until next time.

❤ M L Wood





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