What About Colours?

I close my eyes, evoking the colour blue. I take a deep breath, letting go. The ebb and flow of the ocean, as the water caresses over my feet springs to mind. I look down, the clear blue water has surrounded me. I don’t resist. I let all the blue thoughts, feelings and memories come flooding in.

Next, my mind is slowly painting a picture. It becomes vivid as it unfolds in front of me. The sky is a deep blue. It’s a clear sunny day, not a cloud in sight. There’s colourful birds whistling above me, some of their wings splashed with a streak of light blue. I am calm, tranquil, at peace as I watch these birds, soaking in this blue feeling.

What does the colour blue mean to you? Take a moment to contemplate that question.

In a world full of symbols, no one can be sure. After all, the colour blue is completely subjective to the eye perceiving it, let alone the feelings or emotions that it elicits. Let’s not get too bogged down in the colour blue though, the same applies for all colours.

For many, green makes them think of lush grass, or rain-forests teeming with trees and comes with a sense of calmness. For others, the colour red evokes a sort of warning, images of blood or stop signs and the signal generally is accompanied by a bad feeling. Pretty basic stuff, huh? Well, sort of.

What do we have to contend with on a day to day basis? Mass marketing bombarding our senses at an ever increasing rate, with the colours associated with these advertisements making us feel and think a certain way. This is not trivial. Colours have power.

My hope is that you may take a moment to contemplate how each colour makes you feel. That you notice the thoughts that appear, or the memories that pop up and then take note of the mood that follows. This will perhaps improve your ability to notice when you’ve been emotionally hijacked, maybe not. Either way, it is a fun thought experiment.

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Until next time.

M L Wood ❤

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