The Ideal & Anxiety`

The difference between your ideal self, the version of yourself that you aspire to be, and the manifestation that you currently embody, is the amount of room that the devil has to play. This situation provides a certain amount of angst and necessary integration. That is to say, if you are moving toward this ideal self you are much more likely to be content, happy, and full of energy. On the contrary, if you are stagnant, or perhaps moving further away from the ideal version that you wish to be, the greater the chance that anxiety will grip you.

In this situation, let us note that the insidious, crippling feeling that is anxiety may as well be the devil incarnate. 

One must regularly take stock. Are you the best version of yourself? Have you aspired to an ideal with all of your being and taken great action to move toward this target? If not, even a 1% improvement will be of paramount importance in your life.

Moving toward a goal is a goal in and of itself, otherwise we atrophy. As natural organisms, we degenerate – not just physically, but if we are not vigilant, mentally too. Let us keep moving, striving for something greater than we are today. Let us be all we can be.

Perhaps you aren’t even aware of this ideal… many aren’t, yet you almost certainly have one. Take a moment to ponder what the best person you could imagine to be looks like. Now understand, this person is not real. Nor is it possible to be perfect, we all have flaws. Most of us have many. Yet the aspiration toward the ideal man, or woman, is a worthy venture. We are not all we could be here in this moment and steps toward a better self are only ever going to improve our quality of life. 

Love yourself here and now, even if you are miles away from your ideal. Love is the antipathy of self resentment, of hate. Let it in. Even if it’s just for the moment, feel the light that is love in your heart. 

The path toward your goals may be long and arduous. Do not be afraid, that is the point. Mountains are meant to be climbed and the feeling of achievement at the top is one of joy and contentment. 

So take stock, formulate a plan and take action toward your mountain and see where it takes you. 

Until next time.

M L Wood


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