Growth – Progress of my Raised Garden Bed

Hello friends! 😁 Thank you so much for being here. I thought I would kick off the new year with a fitting example of something I am passionate about, enjoy and just a beautiful example of growth!

I am a keen permaculturalist and am happy to share something I am very proud of and has benefited my life in many ways. Below is a garden bed that I build by hand with old wooden pallets, it is placed between two sheds on my property. I only have a small amount of land and have had to think outside the box to maximize the space I have. My long term goal is that myself and my beautiful partner Jessic no longer need to rely on the supermarkets for greens and veg! I am glad to say we are part of the way toward that goal 😁💪☀️

As you can see my babies have grown alot and are very healthy. In this bed there is chard, kale, lettuce, spinach, silver beet and a small tomato plant tucked in the back, as well as a few Rottness island daisy’s I planted as companion plants. For his particular raised bed I used a Hugelkultur method, of lining the bottom with wood and other bio matter to provide the soil with nutrients for many years to come. I then added a few different variations of manure and then the organic soil from the local seedling farm.

For me gardening allows a space to get into flow, to lose track of time, be present in the moment ,to get plenty of sunshine and soil on my skin and have the beautiful experience of watching another living organism grow. The rewards of healthy produce and the experience in and of itself are immense! I recommend the hobby for all. More updates to come, I have 4 other spaces that I have planted produce.

As always, If you have any questions, feedback or comments please feel free to hit me up!


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