What Would My Last Words Be?

If i was on my death bed and someone asked me to sum up life, it would be something like this.

Life is hard, life is beautiful and it is perfect in all its forms.

Its going to be tough, and its better that way. You will learn from the pain, comfort is a disease. You’re going to experience pain, sorrow and heartbreak, its going to suck! But in the end its all worth it. All the beautiful sunsets, the tears of joy as you howl with laughter, the pride in your chest as you gaze upon someone you love unconditionally, this all makes the pain worth the times of torment. The human condition is an emotional one, learn to enjoy the ride.

In times of darkness you will go on, you will smile and feel you will love. Know that love is even more beautiful than you could have imaged because of its fragility in the cosmos. You will die, all of your loved ones will die, hold them close because of this.

Don’t be sad about this fact, let it build a furnace within you that allows for you to love hard and true, to be strong and soft all at once. Let it help you break down barriers, let it fuel you as you tell and show your loved ones you love them. Let the fire push you toward calculated risks and feel the joy of achievement and new experiences. You don’t know when it could be your last moment. Smile at the tree swaying in the wind as you walk past, laugh at the sheer majesty of the breaking of the waves on your favourite beach. Don’t put pressure on yourself, but try smile in the face of adversity and pain.

Do your best and don’t be so hard on yourself, after all, you won’t get out of this experience alive. Trust your own truth and help others, this is a medicine, one that i know is going to revolutionize the world. Be of service to something outside yourself. Try and laugh more, this is powerful and you wont regret it.

Take a breath, its powerful. Learn that you’re powerful within yourself. Take the time to sit down and get to know who you are, breathe and view the craziness of the mind. This is okay, know you’re okay. In. Out. Move your body, it will thank you for the resistance and protect you from leaving this life too soon. Enjoy the struggle.

Most of all, learn to love yourself. As once you have achieved this, you will be capable of pure love toward others and this will change the world.

Enjoy the ride and make the most of the 2607 weeks you have left (if you’re 26 like me), the end will be upon us before we know it, make sure you’re able to look back with a smile.

– Mitch ❤

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