My Fitness Journey Day 28

Hello and welcome to another fitness update.

How did this weeks training go? Well, pretty good.

As you will see below, i made some more strength gains in my program. All of my training sessions felt pretty good, but hard and i believe i am close to a plateau.

Mondays session – Leg press strength up 10kgs, Incline Dumbbell press is up 2.5kgs, T-bar row up 5kgs and i increased my lateral raises by 1.5kg. Session felt good and got through relatively easily.

Wednesdays session – Yay! i managed to get up 85kg bench, very happy about that. My squats are now in the 100s  🙂 felling strong on both moves.

Fridays Workout – I took it easy Friday, as i was feeling sore and tired! Figured i would hit a solid work out and i just stimulate my muscles a little bit. Get some rest over the weekend and then hit a big session Monday! All about the long game.

All in all i am happy to be squatting 100kg, benching close to my body weight and feeling strong over-all.

Physique update.

Sunday 22/12/2019 Front


Sunday 22/12/2019 Back


Now that i am four weeks into my training and feeling stronger i am going to start the next stage of my training. Increasing my cardio, lowering my calories and trying to lose the back fat (ew) and lean out a bit 🙂 wish me luck!

Just a quick little update today! Keen on another big week in the gym and as i’ve got some time off work for Christmas i will have plenty of time to prioritize cardio.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to share, like and comment.

Until next time.

Mitch ❤

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